White and black stripes and a red nose (The game), Almanac Inn, Turin

Avatar Davide Sgambaro



Davide Sgambaro
White and black stripes and a red nose (the game)

curated by Giulia Gelmini
with the participation of Davide Mancini Zanchi, Nicole Colombo, Erik Saglia, Paolo Bufalini, Furlani-Gobbi.

Opening: 17 May, 6.30pm
18—26 May

ALMANAC INN presents the first stage of the project White and black stripes and a red nose (The game) by Davide Sgambaro (Cittadella, 1989), followed by (Let’s talk) and (A movie), which are part of ALMANAC INN programme dedicated to exhibiting the practice of Italian artists and moments of confrontation with the public.

Davide Sgambaro’s research reflects on contemporary issues, in particular on the conditions of precariousness and instability. Using autobiographical references, the artist develops these concepts with the help of a playful and sometimes utopian universe, thus creating humoral changes between irony and drama that lead to an amused and amusing melancholy.
White and black stripes and a red nose is a research project that anticipates the new production of Sgambaro, who considers the paradox of presence as the starting point of a thought to be proposed to the public, on the dichotomy between the feeling of insecurity and lability. The project White and black stripes and a red nose is characterized by three moments and it will take shape in a process of becoming without any supervision from the artist, who will simply document and, only later, summarize the whole experience in a final work.
In (The game), the first of three events, a narrative trick will dramatize the figures of the artist and the curator who, mocking the strategies, will face together situations such as risk and chance. The project White and black stripes and a red nose, through its different stages, involves the public as the protagonist of the entire work production: the public will play an active part in each event, initially assuming an omniscient role and then a dialogical one.

ALMANAC INN is supported by Fondazione CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo.

Via Reggio 13
10153, Turin, Italy

tel. 3346727182

open by appointment



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